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Transparent potovoltaic replace part of the roof surface

The service pavilion building on the sunbather's island of "Steinhuder Meer" not only combines futuristic architecture and a sensible,alternative energy concept but blends exellently into the landscape.made from natural construction materials like wood and from translucent wallelements,the pavilion is incorporated into the surrounding nature and appears open and inviting to the visitor.The alternative energy technology is harmoniously integrated into the building,both through its architectural aesthetics and the projected usage of the building.


The face of Zara in Colonge

Following the request of the architect resposible for designing its new premise,the fashion retailer Zara chose blue shimmering silicon crystal rather than polised marble for the new facade.While this photovoltaic facade is certainly interesting from a technical of view it is also aesthetically pleasing.People not only take notice as they walk through the pedestrian arcade in the centre of colonge but also develop an awareness of the capabilities of solar technology.


Solar Home