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SOLON inverters set industry standards for quality and efficiency. High-grade components,many years of experience,and Swiss production quality mean SOLON inverters meet the highest quality standards.

High output

Our inverters require very little energy to operate so they can pass on a large portion of the innovative manufacturing technology provide for high efficiency at all times and a long service life for the enire PV system.


SOLON inverters come with a warranty of up to 11 years.The high durability and reliability of our inverters result from using high-end technologies and components and integrated function that protect devices from defects,making them,long-lasting inverters.

Off-grid inverters

Off grid inverters can operate at 300 percent overload for short periods of time.This is essential for reliable,error,pumps,and heavy maschines. Using a off-gird inverter can signicantly improve the efficency of your PV system even under highly inductive or capacitative loads,Current generation RISC processors generate sine waves and monitor the battery bank the operating state of the inverter.The power amplifier features a full bridge with MOSFET transistors.