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to Sunpower-Photovoltaic Company Ltd.


The sun is your partner

Republic of Mauritius Indian Ocean

Our futur is the sun do take advantage of it for ecological system................

The subject energy belongs to the most important future questions of the humanity.The solar energy can perform an important contribution to a lasting energy - also in Mauritius.

You can quite simply use the energy of the sun: With a solar stream arrangement.With it you can also show that you think of the future and do actively something for the environment.

The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.   ** Albert Einstein**

The solar arragement generates about the whole year en

sunlight,and this not only during clear days,but also during cloudy days. As a rule you will feed this energy registered by your own counter,into the public one.For it you receive from the public electric provider al legally agreed for reimbursement. There is no risk.

Quality must be proved from us permanently of the durability. This is the base for an investment.That keep the modules function for a very long perriod.We keep our promise of quality,good achievement and guarantee.Also first and quality service all the time.

Sunpower-Energy is always for you at anytime


 Every 1 kWp solar poweinstallation preventss the production of apparox 15 000 kg Co 2 for 20 years !